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RJ-Opinion: Bad effects of pornography.

Pornography is a matter of addiction now. Many people are addicted to it. Specially a big part of our young generation, who use internet regularly, are affected mentally by it. But most of the people are not concerned about the bad effects of pornography. They don’t feel that it has nothing constructive but destructive result. A person is affected variously by watching porn. First: damage of brain. The addicted person takes the porn as a drug, as a result several kinds of violence and offenses are noted in his behaviors which are led from his brain. Second: damage of relationships. This impractical addiction removes practical love, affection, sincerity and responsibility from the mind of the addicted person, which affects the personal relationship of his life. Third: damage of social life. A distorted concept is grown in the mind of the addicted person about sex. Violent, wild and dirty life-style defiles the society. And fourth: damage of spiritual life. This addiction gradually destroys the human behavior and honest life-style. So we need to think how this addiction is damaging us. We will listen to Radio Jyoti’s opinion on account of it.

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