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RJ-Opinion: How can friendship be destroyed?

Friendship is a relation of love/affection/fondness between two of more people. In friendship there is compassion, honesty, unselfishness, mutual understanding, joy, reliance and exchanging love to each other. When there is scarcity of these qualities, friendship started to destroy. Actually, maintaining friendship is harder than to make. There are some issues in our day-today life which disrupt the amicable qualities, like – wealth, position, false, deception, self-interest, arrogance, self-centered, malevolence, unfaithfulness and lack of cordiality. All these create mutual misunderstanding, ‍ruin credibility, reliability and morality and create distance in relationship. As a result friendship started to destroy. So we must avoid all these negative things to keep up our friendship. We will listen to Radio Jyoti’s opinion on account of it.

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