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RJ-Opinion: Power of friendship.

The word friendship is familiar to all. Friendship can be developed in different parts of everyone’s life; it can be in family, in University-college campus, workplace or, in society.  The affectionate or loving relationship between two or, more people is friendship. It is such a personal bond that is stronger than any institution. In friendship there is compassion, honesty, unselfishness, mutual understanding, joy, reliance and exchanging love to each other. Philosopher Aristotle said, “Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies.” Friendship influences us in different ways. In friendship two friends will understand the feelings of each other; will encourage in different ways; will help in need without any self-interest; and nobody maledict each other. These effects are seen in friendship. So we have to consider friendship in our lives – Who can be my real friend? What can be the effects of our friendship? Let’s listen to Radio Jyoti’s opinion on account of it.

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