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RJ-Opinion: Patriotism

The word patriotism means devoted love for the country and it is an ethical responsibility of a citizen to love his/her own country. The country is our motherland, our pride. We have to love our country bearing this feeling in our hearts. Loving country means loving its nature, beauty, creature and the people. The independent sovereign country we’ve got after nine months war; the green and red colored flag we’ve acquired should be protected. Behavioral change also needed to love the country. It is needed to be engaged in public interest avoiding all activities those hinder the development of the country like smuggling, drugs dealing, terrorism and violence. For any demand the solution should be found out through proper discussion avoiding violent activities those damage the national wealth and hinder the development. We must have respect to all irrespective of caste, religion, color as well as to the laws and governance of the country. We should uphold our country to the rest of the world as a civilized and developed country engaging ourselves in education, cultural development, cleaning environment and ‍serving distressed people; which can be done by both personal and social effort, and through these we can demonstrate our love for the country. We will listen to Radio Jyoti’s opinion on account of it.

RJ-Opinion: How can friendship be destroyed?

Friendship is a relation of love/affection/fondness between two of more people. In friendship there is compassion, honesty, unselfishness, mutual understanding, joy, reliance and exchanging love to each other. When there is scarcity of these qualities, friendship started to destroy. Actually, maintaining friendship is harder than to make. There are some issues in our day-today life which disrupt the amicable qualities, like – wealth, position, false, deception, self-interest, arrogance, self-centered, malevolence, unfaithfulness and lack of cordiality. All these create mutual misunderstanding, ‍ruin credibility, reliability and morality and create distance in relationship. As a result friendship started to destroy. So we must avoid all these negative things to keep up our friendship. We will listen to Radio Jyoti’s opinion on account of it.

RJ-Opinion: Power of friendship.

The word friendship is familiar to all. Friendship can be developed in different parts of everyone’s life; it can be in family, in University-college campus, workplace or, in society.  The affectionate or loving relationship between two or, more people is friendship. It is such a personal bond that is stronger than any institution. In friendship there is compassion, honesty, unselfishness, mutual understanding, joy, reliance and exchanging love to each other. Philosopher Aristotle said, “Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies.” Friendship influences us in different ways. In friendship two friends will understand the feelings of each other; will encourage in different ways; will help in need without any self-interest; and nobody maledict each other. These effects are seen in friendship. So we have to consider friendship in our lives – Who can be my real friend? What can be the effects of our friendship? Let’s listen to Radio Jyoti’s opinion on account of it.

RJ-Opinion: Transparency of student life.

Transparency is one of the main virtues of human life which bears the identity of beauty and honesty. If we want, have the chance to keep us transparent in our daily activities. Specially, student-life is the right time to develop one-self transparently. We must have a thorough concept about transparency from the student-life as well as demonstrate it in our life. A student keeps himself busy engaging different activities from dawn to dusk. There are a lot of benefits to have transparency in student life. Mutual relationship becomes strong through transparency; acceptance and reliability to others increase; a peaceful environment is developed and the solution becomes easy. Again, if there is transparency in life, creator becomes happy. We will listen a Radio Jyoti’s opinion on account of; how much important it is to have transparency in student life? What are the benefits of it? And how is it possible?

RJ-Opinion: How to quit porn?

Pornography is a familiar word to many of us; which has become a kind of addiction in different sphere of the society. The reasons behind this addiction are visual excitement, pleasure, enjoyment, feeling and addictive pornographic image etc. For these reasons porn is the main entertainment in day-today life to some people. But these are fakes, as they have no actuality. Yet some people immerse in them and lead their life toward destruction. They are spoiling their life, family and even their society. But this addiction can be avoided like any other bad habit. In that case, we may change our life-style a bit. We have to grow confidence in us; we have to exercise good habit instead. If needed, we may avoid computer or mobile internet for some time. If we think about the harmful effects of it, hatred may grow in us on it. Beside that, we should lead our life according to religious edict which can help us to defeat this addiction. In-spite of all these, this addiction seems to be a disease in our society. But its harmful effects are very dangerous. So we should think of how can we get rid of this addiction, build a beautiful transparent life. We will listen to Radio Jyoti’s opinion on account of it.

RJ-Opinion: Bad effects of pornography.

Pornography is a matter of addiction now. Many people are addicted to it. Specially a big part of our young generation, who use internet regularly, are affected mentally by it. But most of the people are not concerned about the bad effects of pornography. They don’t feel that it has nothing constructive but destructive result. A person is affected variously by watching porn. First: damage of brain. The addicted person takes the porn as a drug, as a result several kinds of violence and offenses are noted in his behaviors which are led from his brain. Second: damage of relationships. This impractical addiction removes practical love, affection, sincerity and responsibility from the mind of the addicted person, which affects the personal relationship of his life. Third: damage of social life. A distorted concept is grown in the mind of the addicted person about sex. Violent, wild and dirty life-style defiles the society. And fourth: damage of spiritual life. This addiction gradually destroys the human behavior and honest life-style. So we need to think how this addiction is damaging us. We will listen to Radio Jyoti’s opinion on account of it.

RJ-Opinion: Why need to self-assessment?

As human being, self-assessment is necessary for us. Self-assessment meant to evaluate ourselves, by which we can lead a definite and organized life by reviewing our past, present and future. As human being, we should build up spiritual values along with worldly demands, and achievements which reveal the developed mentality of man. Through self-assessment a man can get ideas about his values, interest, personality and ability and can correct him. As human being we can assess ourselves in two ways: material life and spiritual life. It should be kept in mind that God gives us new plans for actual and progressive development in life. He helps us to understand what is right and what is wrong. Therefore, it is necessary to assess ourselves as well as maintain good relationship with God, which will bring good result in our next life. We will listen to Radio Jyoti’s opinion on account of it.

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RJ-Opinion: Why need to appreciate other?

Appreciate others means express a feeling, by which satisfication or patronage is disclosed to someone. It expresses the developed mentality of human. One can encourage others, acknowledge something good and express him/herself as a generous human. But now-a-day it’s rarely seen. As a human being, everyone should practise this habit. Through appreciation sincerity, self-confidence and peace can be developed among each other; a faithful relationship is built up with the creator. Whether rich or poor everyone should have the mentality to appreciate others. It should be kept in mind if someone appreciates others, he/she is also valued by others. We will listen to Jyoti’s opinion on account of it.

RJ-Opinion: Why need to overcome temptation?

The word temptation is too much related to human life. It is also a matter of much discretion. As human being we all are tempted differently now and then; the results of which are not good. Man can be tempted for different reasons. Specailly with illegal sexual relationship, position, wine, smoking, behaving own way, attire, etc. which creates different needs in our mind. And we become obsessed to meet those needs. We forget to justify the good or bad effect of it. As a result we have to accept some loss. So it is necessary to avoid any kind of temptation. Actually temptation never comes ones. People are tempted after much addiction to something. So, it should be prevented from the beginning. In order to refuse it we have to build up polite and humble consideration in us. We will listen to Radio Jyoti’s opinion on account of it.

RJ-Opinion: Thankfulness, Why it is important in our attitude?

Thankfulness is an important thing in human life that is expressed to one another. In our day-today life we are benefited by others for several reasons; and that is the best time to be thankful. In that case, it is usual to thank someone and express the gratitude, again for someone it is a habit. But as human being every one of us should practise this habit. Thankfulness brings cordiality, confidence and peace to one another. It builds up the relationship between man and the Creator. Whether rich or poor, everyone should have the mentality to accept one another. It should be kept in mind, if I thank someone, other will also thank me. So, it is necessary to have the sense of gratitude among us. We will listen to Radio Jyoti’s opinion on account of it.