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RJ-Opinion: Need job related skills

Job skill is an important matter. Skilled means to prove oneself as appropriate and capable in work place. It is necessary to be skilled. In Bangladesh, job market is competitive. Young people remain unemployed completing their studies. Firstly, there is not enough opportunity of jobs according to the number of educated people. Secondly, people are not skilled enough according to the job demand. Sometime unskilled people are selected for job. Especially in Bangladesh we observe the influence of nepotism, recommendation and bribe. But those are not everywhere. Still, if someone is skilled enough, he/she gets job and promotion. So if anybody wants to get a job, he/she must have proper knowledge about the job market; prepare him/her according to the demand. It should be kept in mind that skill has no alternative. It helps us to get a job and to achieve promotion. It helps to be self-reliant and to remove unemployment problem from the family and society. We will listen to Jyoti’s opinion on it.

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