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RJ-Opinion: Patriotism

The word patriotism means devoted love for the country and it is an ethical responsibility of a citizen to love his/her own country. The country is our motherland, our pride. We have to love our country bearing this feeling in our hearts. Loving country means loving its nature, beauty, creature and the people. The independent sovereign country we’ve got after nine months war; the green and red colored flag we’ve acquired should be protected. Behavioral change also needed to love the country. It is needed to be engaged in public interest avoiding all activities those hinder the development of the country like smuggling, drugs dealing, terrorism and violence. For any demand the solution should be found out through proper discussion avoiding violent activities those damage the national wealth and hinder the development. We must have respect to all irrespective of caste, religion, color as well as to the laws and governance of the country. We should uphold our country to the rest of the world as a civilized and developed country engaging ourselves in education, cultural development, cleaning environment and ‍serving distressed people; which can be done by both personal and social effort, and through these we can demonstrate our love for the country. We will listen to Radio Jyoti’s opinion on account of it.

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