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RJ-Opinion: Transparency of student life.

Transparency is one of the main virtues of human life which bears the identity of beauty and honesty. If we want, have the chance to keep us transparent in our daily activities. Specially, student-life is the right time to develop one-self transparently. We must have a thorough concept about transparency from the student-life as well as demonstrate it in our life. A student keeps himself busy engaging different activities from dawn to dusk. There are a lot of benefits to have transparency in student life. Mutual relationship becomes strong through transparency; acceptance and reliability to others increase; a peaceful environment is developed and the solution becomes easy. Again, if there is transparency in life, creator becomes happy. We will listen a Radio Jyoti’s opinion on account of; how much important it is to have transparency in student life? What are the benefits of it? And how is it possible?

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