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RJ-Opinion: Why need to overcome temptation?

The word temptation is too much related to human life. It is also a matter of much discretion. As human being we all are tempted differently now and then; the results of which are not good. Man can be tempted for different reasons. Specailly with illegal sexual relationship, position, wine, smoking, behaving own way, attire, etc. which creates different needs in our mind. And we become obsessed to meet those needs. We forget to justify the good or bad effect of it. As a result we have to accept some loss. So it is necessary to avoid any kind of temptation. Actually temptation never comes ones. People are tempted after much addiction to something. So, it should be prevented from the beginning. In order to refuse it we have to build up polite and humble consideration in us. We will listen to Radio Jyoti’s opinion on account of it.

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