What do you do when you fail?

Human beings are the best creation of God. Man has to struggle from the beginning to reach this stage. And this long path has not been easy ever. Man has been facing temptation all through his life. He has to pay for his food, habitat and also struggle against nature. Still people are in a rush to seek their fate. If ancestors stopped on doing so, what would happened to us? If they paused failing once, what would happen to the modern civilisation?

In our day-today life we sometime fail. What happened to us then? How do we react?

Actually preparation is the key to success. Today’s preparation is the success for tomorrow. Failure doesn’t mean that we should stop or we shouldn’t try again.

Just think, What do you do when you fail?

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Rudra Polash

Business Manager & Creative Media Coordinator at Radio Jyoti Bangladesh
My motivation comes from above and from the youth as they are full of strength and energy. I'm quick to befriend someone. All together, I love to dream and encourage others to succeed in their life. I believe in forgiveness and love which can transform a man. I love writing songs, listening music and read.
I have a lovely wife and two children.
Rudra Polash
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