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I really have deep faith on God. I like to meet new people and build relationship as I find pleasure discovering something new. I am happy with what I have.

Passions Making new friends, travelling and listening to worship songs.

Heroes My Father & Mother

Subjects Music, contemporary events

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Rudra Polash


I’m a big sentimental and full of life. Always have a nice joke to tell to befriend people. I always think big, most often outside of the box. I do sincerely care for others. I always try to love my enemies.

Passions Love writing lyrics and jingles, love my 2 children dearly, love encouraging people and contemplating nature... Love a big range of music genres.

Subjects Bangladesh in songs, ... more to come



I love to laugh; love Bangladesh and the people here. I want to be cheered up all through my life and want to stay close to people.

Passions Fashion Design, Acting and RJ

Heroes Rudra Mohammad Sahidullah

Subjects People, Bangladesh, Memory, Dream



I am energetic and eager to do any good work. I love my mom very much. I love to listen music and like to see smile on peoples’ face around me. I want to see change in my society and be a part of that process.

Passions Travelling, Watching movies & listening to music.

Heroes Rabindranath Tagore, Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay (Bengali Writer) & My Mom

Subjects Politics; Social problems.

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Helen Sarker


I have a big heart and concern for the desperate and destitute. I’m a people-person and creative enough to bring a smile to many faces. I love to take care of my family. My nick name is Shining Moon.

Passions Reading story books, listening to music, travelling, making handicraft, nature

Subjects Conflict, encouragement, thinking big, and pet food

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I am curious to know something new. I try to be happy and keep a smile in my face all the time. I am friendly & frank in speaking.

Passions Traveling, gossiping, reading story books and poem, listening music & watching movies; I like to play Table Tennis, Love children and Believe in myself.



I am ambitious, extrovert & very friendly

Passions Making people happy & always being good



Friendly with people. I am always curious to learn something new. Friends say that I am helpful.

Passions I love photography, to sing, and to travel

Gilbart Sarkar


Young at heart… I find myself always singing. It lifts my spirit when I’m down. I’m very sentimental.

Passions God's gift for me is my voice. Singing and live performance have become my passions. I love cricket and cooking.

Subjects Classical bengali music, drama in music, anything cricket ... and more to come

Sourov Samundho


I try to be happy and keep a smile in my face all the time. I am friendly, taking different situations positively, and of course I try to enjoy every moment of life

Passions Singing, listening to music, watching movies, and travelling

Subjects Personal health and fitness. Reading for pleasure. Electronic gadgets. Relationships.