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Friendly, confident & jolly-minded.

Passions Music, Traveling, Movies, Photography.

Sadia Afrin


I like to be with children. I can smile at any difficult situation. I want to make people smile. I am a bit extrovert. I like the rain.

Passions Listening to music, reciting poems, traveling, adventure, and I love children



Friendly with people. I am always curious to learn something new. Friends say that I am helpful.

Passions I love photography, to sing, and to travel

Gilbart Sarkar


Young at heart… I find myself always singing. It lifts my spirit when I’m down. I’m very sentimental.

Passions God's gift for me is my voice. Singing and live performance have become my passions. I love cricket and cooking.

Subjects Classical bengali music, drama in music, anything cricket ... and more to come

Sourov Samundho


I try to be happy and keep a smile in my face all the time. I am friendly, taking different situations positively, and of course I try to enjoy every moment of life

Passions Singing, listening to music, watching movies, and travelling

Subjects Personal health and fitness. Reading for pleasure. Electronic gadgets. Relationships.



I’m jolly minded, love to smile and want to see smiling faces all around me. People say, I’m caring and responsible.

Passions I love cooking, reading books & listening to music



I’m open-minded, extrovert and passionate.

Passions Reading Books, Listening music, Gossiping with friends, Spicy Food

Subjects Music, Food



I want to make new friends; curious to learn something new. I like to travel and hope one day I will be able to travel around the whole world.

Passions Reading books, traveling, watching movies, playing football and cricket.

Antora Saha


Extrovert, Open minded, Frank in speaking, Passionate, determined and entertaining.

Passions Traveling, Gossiping, Reading Story Books, Listening to Music and Poems, Helping others.

Subjects Science. Cooking and food. Women's rights.