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Inner Beauty

Most of the time we are attracted to physical beauty. Even, at the time of taking important decision, we observe one’s physical beauty rather than his/her other qualities or characteristics. This may bring miseries...

Poem: Peace in faithfulness

In this unsteady world, planting seeds of peace is extremely necessary. But how is that possible? Yes friends, it is only possible if we, as human beings, use our good attributes to establish peace...

Drama: Stretch your loving hands

Lots of unsteadiness exists in this competitive world. Different kinds of destructions are taking place. That is why peace is needed to be established. It may occur through resolving any big or small familial...

Poem: Affinity

We all get angry in some points. Nothing good comes out of it. Anger always causes the destruction. But only the love can calm down your anger. Download Audio

Drama: Relation break-up

A family was unable to keep the peace because of the angry father. Their only one son was almost leaving home because of this father. Let’s see how their peace was being lost… Download...

Drama: Your anger, your loss

One of the bad effects of anger is restlessness in our lives.  We face lots of problems in lives when we become restlessness. And it bothers us as others. Download Audio