A little girl may be given toys of pots & pans and dolls and is told to be an ideal mother of an ideal family. The girl may sometimes wanted to be like her mother, but she might have a different imaginary world. She might be the protagonist there, she might have the police uniform on dressed. All the bad people may fear of her in her world! When the girl grow up, can she make her dream come true? Or she walks the same way the society shows her? Dear listeners, this story may help you to think afresh. And you know what – humans are big as their dream. So, wherever, however you are – stand up, cause you can also go beyond.

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Helen Sarker

Community Programme Producer at Radio Jyoti Bangladesh
I want to be the kind of person that people like and want to be liked. I always want to know what’s wrong with others: like why they are not smiling... That’s just my character. I just love people.
I have a big dream, one day I will give shelter or home to many street children who have no dreams, no food.
Personally I am a happy person. I have a happy family & my surrounding people love me.
My personal likings are: reading book, handicraft, watching movie, cooking.
Helen Sarker
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