Craggy Way

She is an earth-cutting laborer. She spades with all her strength, makes deeper hole on earth like her deep breathe. She doesn’t care, how lower the society evaluate her or her work. She believes in hard-work. She lost her husband in her early age, but she didn’t let her mountain-like dream to be lost. Negligence, difficult situation, nothing could stand as a barrier in her way. She wanted her son to be a doctor. Everyone said it impossible but she proved that it is possible to make her son a doctor by giving earth-cutting labor. Dear listeners, most of the time we can’t walk on the plain path of life possessing many things. In that case, an earth-cutting laborer walked on the craggy way and set an example before us, if anyone can run with his/her dream with devoted work, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

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Helen Sarker

Community Programme Producer at Radio Jyoti Bangladesh
I want to be the kind of person that people like and want to be liked. I always want to know what’s wrong with others: like why they are not smiling... That’s just my character. I just love people.
I have a big dream, one day I will give shelter or home to many street children who have no dreams, no food.
Personally I am a happy person. I have a happy family & my surrounding people love me.
My personal likings are: reading book, handicraft, watching movie, cooking.
Helen Sarker
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