Fallen leaf


Time passes by-train stops as well. Because of mechanic sound and noise, the girl looks for her beloved with sleepy eyes. No-he is not seen anywhere, it seems the lightning fell on her head suddenly. What is she seeing? Who is this man? Looking at her with greedy eyes? The girl asked with utter fear and anxiety, “Who are you?”

With these questions many women are lost or we can say that they have been trafficked. According to the United Nation Population Fund, approximately, on an average, 15 thousand people are trafficked from Bangladesh; most of them are women and children. According to their survey, in last 10 years, more than 3 million women and children have been trafficked from Bangladesh to India. Therefore, this story is about one of those fallen leaves.


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Helen Sarker

Community Programme Producer at Radio Jyoti Bangladesh
I want to be the kind of person that people like and want to be liked. I always want to know what’s wrong with others: like why they are not smiling... That’s just my character. I just love people.
I have a big dream, one day I will give shelter or home to many street children who have no dreams, no food.
Personally I am a happy person. I have a happy family & my surrounding people love me.
My personal likings are: reading book, handicraft, watching movie, cooking.
Helen Sarker
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