True Story: Lady moving alone

Khadiza couldn’t continue her studies after class V due to financial crisis of her family. She had to engage herself in household chores. In the meantime, Khadiza got a chance of training in a project called “Star” of Brac. She didn’t loose the chance rather started the training on motorcycle mechanic. First she had to face some difficulties. Questions raised, “How will a girl work in a market place? Can she continue and bring success?” While her surrounding people were busy to stop her, Khadiza continued her moving towards the goal. Our story of moving alone is about Khadiza.

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Helen Sarker

Community Programme Producer at Radio Jyoti Bangladesh
I want to be the kind of person that people like and want to be liked. I always want to know what’s wrong with others: like why they are not smiling... That’s just my character. I just love people.
I have a big dream, one day I will give shelter or home to many street children who have no dreams, no food.
Personally I am a happy person. I have a happy family & my surrounding people love me.
My personal likings are: reading book, handicraft, watching movie, cooking.
Helen Sarker
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