Drama: A selfish friend.

It is harder to maintain friendship than to make. There are some issues in our day-to-day life which disrupt the amicable qualities, that cause misunderstanding and gap between friendships, result is distruction of friendship. Selfishness is such a human behavior which destroys the friendly relationship. We will listen to a drama on account of it, where Rayan, Nila and Saleh are three friends. But Saleh is selfish. He didn’t help anyone in studies. Even he appeared in an interview secretly so that the others don’t get a chance.

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Gilbart Sarkar

Programme Producer and Singer at Radio Jyoti Bangladesh
I'm singer at National Radio and TV. Like many artists, I'm emotional. I can easily love and believe others.
I'm married and have one lovely daughter. My personal dream is to live an happy life with my family. I'm determined to work among the young generation to change the life of those who are helpless and build them up with my talents.
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