Interview: Feeling about our parents

Parents are ever respected to children. In the view of religion, parents’ position is after God. Their responsibilities towards us cannot be measured. They selflessly work hard for our physical, mental and spiritual development. They become old spending most of their time and effort behind us. Then they become like almost child. They become helpless without their children. So as children we have huge responsibilities to them. Even when they become old they remain like a shadow on us. We need to keep them to us until their death. We will listen to an interview from our listener Towhida Islam Lubna and Jewel Richard Bain on account of it.


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Gilbart Sarkar

Programme Producer and Singer at Radio Jyoti Bangladesh
I'm singer at National Radio and TV. Like many artists, I'm emotional. I can easily love and believe others.
I'm married and have one lovely daughter. My personal dream is to live an happy life with my family. I'm determined to work among the young generation to change the life of those who are helpless and build them up with my talents.
I love cultural activities, create all kinds of things with my hands. Oh and i should not forget to say that I'm a fan of cricket and football.
Gilbart Sarkar

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